Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Planting for Winter

This fall and winter season we wanted to add pops of color to a normally green winter palate in the Edible Garden. While still selecting some of the most commonly used winter vegetables, we picked out cultivars that had interesting colors and/or textures. Some of my favorites are Swiss Chard 'Peppermint' coupled with an old standby Beet 'Bulls Blood', currently planted in the rows. Another notable selection is Cabbage 'Ruby Ball' which is a red heading cabbage notable for its purple/blue leaves with a hint of glossiness, its tolerance of extreme cold temperatures and excellent taste. Finally, we have added more edible flowers such as Nasturtium and Violas that do the double duty of being delicious and beautiful.

– Moe Hemmings, Edible Garden Horticulturist