Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Father's Day and Farm Burger

On Father’s Day, our wee visitors had a chance to frolic with dad on the Great Lawn, running around in the bubbles, playing catch with the beach balls, and hula hooping to their heart’s content. (Okay, maybe the dads weren’t exactly “frolicking,” but you get the idea.)

After the kids had expended some energy, they could hop on the train with dad and take a ride around the Great Lawn.

We figured that a lot of fathers enjoy burgers, so we invited some special guests from Decatur to join us in the Edible Garden Outdoor Kitchen.  Farm Burger was here!

Chef Terry Koval of Farm Burger explains how to cook basil to make delicious basil goat cheese for your burgers.
Not only did Chef Terry make mouths water by talking about Farm Burger’s delicious beef, which comes from local cows that are never fed antibiotics, hormones or grain, but he also gave a demo on how to pickle seasonal vegetables like okra, jalapenos, and cucumbers.

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