Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy First Day of Fall!

Bok choi!

Raleigh (R) and other horticulturalists

One of the great things about gardening in the South is how long our growing season is! This week, Senior Horticulturalist Raleigh Saperstein, who oversees the Edible Garden, has been leading a veritable army of horticulturalists and volunteers in removing the summertime crops and planting the fall plants.

Excited at an opportunity to get away from my desk for a few hours, I lent my hand yesterday as one of the volunteers. The Garden hums along thanks in great part to our dedicated volunteers, and a number spent the morning planting all sorts of vegetables.

Volunteers hard at work
I spent most of my time planting all sorts of greens: leaf lettuce, two lovely varieties of Swiss chard, cauliflower, and bok choi. The young cauliflower was surprising to see. It's clearly a brassica, with a leaf that looks a little bit like baby kale, but without the distinctive head it doesn't look obviously like cauliflower to my novice eye.

Bok choi on the left, and cauliflower to the right

Yesterday may have been the last day of summer, but it sure didn't feel like summer was ready to let go just yet. Under a hot sun, we worked up quite a sweat. It drives home that the fruits and vegetables that we enjoy really are the fruits of someone's labor! I'm looking forward to watching the Edible Garden flourish over the next few weeks and months. Check back regularly to learn more about what exactly we've planted, and how we intend to eat it!

Look at all these little guys!
-Julia da Silva, Interpretation Coordinator

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